ByungHun in HongKong?

It had been mentioned quite extensively in various media (Korean & otherwise) entertainment updates since May this year about LBH’s first global participation in an international movie “I Come with the Rain” helmed by award-winning French-Vietnamese director, Tran Ahn Hung which also stars Hollywood star Josh Hartnett as the leading actor. As much as the movie have been highlighted especially with Hartnett’s recent filming in the Philippines (Mt. Diwalwal in Davao City) in early August, LBH is yet to (confirmedly) appear at the said movie set. He obviously did not land in the Philippines due to the ongoing ‘The Good, The Bad, The Weird’ fiming in China but quite surprisingly, it was his Hero co-star, Takuya Kimura who had been been sighted at the set of the Hollywood-bound movie. A Hero-coincidence, 2 Asia top stars in the same 2 movies back-to-back? Cool.

Hopefully we will finally hear and see updates of LBH in Hong Kong, finally making good of his first international collaboration as a HK gangster boss.. long-awaited by fans and by the actor himself.

For 2007, it’s obviously the cool & bad guy roles for LBH… in 2 out of his 3 movie appearances. Now, that’s HOT. 


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